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Armchair Anything is not a designation to be proud of.

It’s a form of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, pontificating on top of Mount Stupid. It suggests oversimplification, facile explanations and theories.

Still, I sense coming out as an Armchair Quantum Physicist is increasingly acceptable, even popular. I think Armchair Quantum Physics is A Thing.

I am one of them and I have been for a long time.

I’ve never taken a formal course in Physics. But I’m a Learning junkie and I’ve read and watched and listened and followed my own path through thousands of hours of physical science material.

I didn’t notice John Bell’s Theorem when it was first introduced in 1964. Not many people did. But I was ready to try making sense of it by the mid-1980s when decades of precision research and experimentation resulted in the confirmation of Bell’s radical conclusions. …

1. Have a Big Party

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2. Form a VR Task Force to Analyze the Opportunity

This has to be the way, right? Look before you leap. Integrate multiple perspectives and develop a strategic plan.

But hesitating is also linked to losing and no one wants to do that. Plus there’s the old standard I learned in first year Latin:

Festina Lente [Make Haste Slowly]

Sounds more like a Zen Koan.

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Marketers have proclaimed The Year of VR since at least 1990 when Autodesk and VPL were the hit of SIGGRAPH. Their products cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. No business would take that leap without looking. …

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Contents page, opening graphic

The premise is simple and important. The trials and tribulations of Facebook and the reconsideration of social networks in general might have some people believing that the whole concept of Social is sooo pre-Pandemic.

Andreessen-Horowitz disagrees. The venture capital firm known as a16z released a very imaginatively presented report, December 7, 2020, on the next-generation social networks projected to be emerging soon. According to a16z, we will experience them mostly as new social layers added onto the way we do just about everything.

The opening text underneath the striking intro graphic provides five examples of important areas where we will experience this new social…

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I didn’t know much about Bots, just that most people dislike them because of the early days of Customer Service Bot conversations that usually ended in, Get-Me-A-Supervisor!

Now there’s billions of bots being blamed for bad posts and tweets that are driving people bonkers. Under Facebook’s Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior policy (CIB), over two billion fake accounts were removed during just one sweep in 2019.

About 40% of all Internet traffic is bots.

Since they are part of the new landscape of influence and interaction, I want to understand how they are being used to help breed mistrust — but mostly I want to understand how they can be used to bring us together and make diverse virtual worlds more engaging. …

A Broadway Show in AltspaceVR

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Neverland Live!, based on the classic story by J. M. Barrie, was performed in a virtual theater, Saturday, December 27 at 7 pm pst. Written and directed for Virtual Reality by Mike the Myth, the twenty-six member cast held a full-capacity audience completely engaged for the entire one-hour performance. The themes of fantasy and reality — and how they can change as we age — are perfect for VR, which raises the same questions itself.

The acting was strong up and down the cast. Some had previous professional acting experience, we learned later in a Q & A, and some didn’t. The two who stood out the most for me were Hook and Wendy. Hook of course is the over-the-top role and Charles Ace definitely went there. He needed to. The avatars we are present with in the theater are small and ungraceful. …

five acts, three scenes per act

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Kapitelbergen, Museum of Archeology in VR

I don’t think the Solstice means everything is going to start getting better. I don’t think it means anything other than more sunlight each day compared to the day before. I appreciate that.

Appreciate doesn’t mean liking something or not liking something. It means correctly understanding its value.

There is significant value in an annual turning point from less light to more light. Because it’s measurable, it’s usable, by any entity that can process the information. I’m not a biologist but I’d guess that most living things are hip to the Solstice and do something on the basis of it.

So decided I’d get with the program. …

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Just before I spawned into my regular Sunday morning Be Here Now event, I noticed two of my VR friends were hanging out so I joined them. Mr. Nicerly lives in Oslo. Leith, his avatar name is Wild Grape, is in the Shetland Islands and he had Covid. He’s a long hauler and it’s still affecting him big time.

There’s a lot of navigation-by-friend in VR. It’s an endearing, almost small-town aspect of the way this immersive communications technology is entering the popular culture.

It was also a great start for my 72 birthday, catching up with new friends.

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One of the main features of being Semi-Old is realizing you won’t get to see how most of the things you care about are going to work out, if they ever do.

On the off-chance there is an Age of Aquarius coming, it will probably be after my expiration date. At this point, in my eighth decade, I don’t wonder as much about The Revolution because I doubt I will be here. That’s not a prediction, just my working assumption.

Building Virtual Worlds is one way I am still active in this world now. Without a nicely resolved ending here, at least I can have things just the way I want in my own World, right? …

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Author’s pic from Museum of Archeology in VR, (talk about booking a Coliseum)

How is a conference in VR different from a conference in the other world?

It is worth considering this question since traditional, convention-center-style conferences will become increasingly difficult to conduct in the world of pandemics and high-cost travel .

It is possible to reproduce the environment attendees are accustomed to, including long waits in the cab line if so desired, But why?

The purpose of a conference is to gather lots of people interested in a particular topic together for an extended experience. …

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No More Things

Creating in VR is different for me because I’m not very good with things.

I don’t mean ‘things,’ like, the situations. I mean ‘things,’ like objects. Especially devices. Players and screens and consoles and mixers.

They stop working for no good reason. No one knows how to repair them. Most of all, they are inflexible. They only do what they do.

Virtual things generally aren’t like that.

Virtual screens, for example, aren’t just whatever size you bought in the first place, like, 60". Virtual screens can be much much bigger, or smaller, in a second. …


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Learning Technologist focusing on VR, Video, and Mortality … producer of Less Than One Minute and 360 degree videos

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