I have no certified expertise in any of these areas. I am informed and actively engaged in them. That is all.

Virtual Reality

This is my most active topic with over 50 articles related to VR linked, (below the picture). They range from think pieces to narrative evocations of VR community.


It’s Probably Not What You Think

You know you’ve done your job as a propagandist when a word you start using a lot provokes a counter-reaction within a few weeks.

Like “Metaverse.”

Hundreds of articles already proclaim how much “Metaverse” sucks. Apple has now publicly defined its overall future strategy as not-Metaverse. …

Where the Present Moment Meets the Future

How many present moments have you had?

Trick question, right? Or as it is called in Zen, a Koan, a nutty Koan, but they’re all nutty. One hand clapping.

People argue about the answers, I know I do sometimes, but there isn’t one. Contemplate that. …

Grief Forever!

We’ve got grief all wrong.

Its different faces are showing now, distinguished in part by how long grief remains a dominant presence.

In recognition, a new category has been created in the expanding system of mental health disorders called Prolonged Bereavement, recognizing that grieving plays out differently for different people…

Bottom-Up Geopolitics

When good old Hexagram 3 came up, Difficulty in the Beginning, I was just about to lead a meditation for a group in China.

I have led meditations before, in the so-called real world, online over Zoom, and in Virtual Reality. The levels of connection are different, but there is…

A Meditation in Horizon Worlds

A place can tell how things should go and what should be said.

It was a new space in Horizon Worlds, from a new young builder who learns and creates like a pro. Except he’s an inspired high school amateur working for the love of it.

Somehow he knew to…

Popular Virtual Reality Event to Stream on YouTube

Death Q&A first went live in April, 2020 as a virtual event in AltspaceVR. It was right after Covid began changing everything. People needed a place to talk about what was happening to mortality.

On December 1, 2021, Death Q&A will go live as an online event on Zoom and…

Tom Nickel

Learning Technologist focusing on VR, Video, and Mortality … producer of Less Than One Minute and 360 degree videos

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