Dream Wars

Part 2

In his non-fiction book, Men Who Stare at Goats, (2004), Jon Ronson suggested interrogation techniques used in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) are an extension of a process that began in the 1950s, under Project MK Ultra.

The link between LSD experiments, remote viewing, and Abu Ghraib is brain functionality — controlling it, enhancing it, or breaking down its defenses.

From a scientific research perspective, drugs and waterboarding are easier to study than remote viewing. Paranormal phenomenon may not be amenable to the research techniques stipulated by the American Institutes for Research.

The approach of concentrating on people with…

Dream Wars

In case you missed Part 1

Richard Alpert left Boston as an infamous Harvard Professor in 1967, returned as Ram Dass, and published Be Here Now in 1971.

The first section of the book is a brief version of his life story prior to India. The second section is the most famous and memorable part — a series of metaphysical reflections in words and images

In Dream Worlds, our finger can go right through the same kitchen table that would block it in the Physical World. Different interactions at higher frequencies — Ram Dass used this example when he talked about the astral plane.

Holding on…

Dream Wars

EvolVR X-Meditators

CIA s not a fixed entity. It is a construct, one that is always evolving in multiple directions at the same time. It has no imperative beyond its own survival and growth.

CIA is more than the organization headquartered in Langley, Virginia. CIA is shorthand for a Most Effective Network (MEN), comprised of overlapping sub-networks at war and peace with themselves and each other and everyone else, always fluid. MEN produces the narratives of Exceptionalism and funds the development and deployment of weapon systems.

CIA’s natural enemies are not foreign powers. Foreign powers are its mother and father. It enjoys…

From the Neo-Liberal Agenda

You’ve read the articles. The McMindfulness hit pieces that claim just noticing things without judgment doesn’t sound like a great way to advance a progressive agenda.

Techniques for handling the suffering caused, according to some, by unregulated, bat-shit-crazy, late-stage Capitalism are seen as inherently conservative, not challenging the existing power relations. Mindfulness, with Neo-Liberal characteristics, is palliative, not revolutionary.

This critique is often paired with the idea that the Individual-Effort path to Enlightenment is a self-absorbed distraction from the Real Problems, the structural problems that lead to inequality and a generally fucked up world.

So you got that? Stop your…

Meditating Socially?

Everybody knows that meditation is personal, not interpersonal. It’s something you do inside yourself. How can it be social?

At the check-in after today’s Mindfulness Monday, a young boyish sounding avatar said he was in VR for the first time right then and he really liked this meditating stuff.

He could have been playing ‘Population: One’ or at least ‘Beat Saber’ — but he picked something called ‘Mindfulness Monday,’ where a down-to-earth sounding older guy helped him and the rest of the avatars get calmed down with some breathing and went on to speak gentle truths about a topic he…

An Instructional Design for Mindfulness

adapted from David Merrill’s, First Principles of Instruction


Dr. David Merrill is a legend in the field of Instructional Design, the outside view of learning you might call it. It’s all we had until fMRI and other measuring instruments came along to, supposedly, tell us something about learning from the inside.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a legend in the field of meditation, an inside approach to training the mind we have had for centuries. Kabat-Zinn and others adapted Theravada Buddhist techniques and introduced them in more accessible ways as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Insight (Vipassana) Meditation.

Merrill’s own experience and his distillation of cognitive science research begins with…

Bill Gates is Making a Difference and I’m Not

Picture by David Denton

A Bucket List is about stuff you want to do or have done as an individual before your expiration date.

I’ve done plenty of Bucket List-worthy things — being the Guest of Honor at a Faculty Banquet at South China Normal University in Guangzhou comes to mind, along with eating snake as the professors watched approvingly. But while they sometimes make good stories, most of my cool personal experiences were never on any List and don’t provide any sense of purpose in life. I mean, is that It — Eating Snake for an audience of my peers?

Wanting to make…

Powering the Blockchain One Good Deed at a Time

Kampot, Cambodia, author’s pic

This idea is such an obvious non-starter I’m sure I will be laughed out of further discourse on the topic of cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers, but I can’t stop myself from writing it down and publishing it.

My only consolation is that whatever idiocy I come up with must pale before what is in plain sight in the year 2021, when upwards of 20% of all the money there ever was in the US of A was born. Central Banks are right up there with the Wizard of Oz and the Emperor with New/No Clothes.

Fiat currency has been based…

Thoughts on Unfrozen Identity

Still Life with Cacao Powder, author’s pic

The people around me like food, like talking about food. Like planning and preparing food. I like it too, but I get full faster, full of everything about it. The food aspect of my social life was not working.

I knew the only solution was to embrace food and make stuff.

Three years ago I began exploring homemade ice cream as a way to join the food world and make a contribution. Now frozen confections are an integral part of my role in the micro community.

I produce a variety of products on a regular basis year round. People can…

By Spiralz — Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

You’re either vaxxed or you’re not, right?

Wrong. Maybe you took one for the team, Team Humanity, or maybe you opted for ‘freedom.’ Still, whatever you did or didn’t do, the jab is not the vaccine.

A vaccine is a biological agent that provides immunity to a specific infectious disease. The jab gets the agent into you but if the right sequence of immune system events does not subsequently unfold, no acquired immunity is produced. And no vaccination, just a jab.

You hear the term, ‘compromised immune system’ a lot these days. It sounds like stakeholders struck some kind of…

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