Getting Used to the Idea of Dying

Report from a VR Course in Progress

Death at the door in a painting; the author peeking out to se who is there
“Uninvited Guest,” Menzel, author’s interpretation
“Morta,” Ruth Diaz, in Horizon Worlds

Theory and Practice

I have been greatly influenced by Dr. David Merrill and his First Principles of Instruction, which is based on the idea that learning is facilitated when it is based on an authentic task or problem and that the learning process has at least four distinct aspects.

“Morta,” Ruth Diaz, in Horizon Worlds

Next Sessions

  1. Avatar Squares of Death! is set in TV Game Show World, with Xs and Os and a social atmosphere of light competition. The idea is to have fun immersed in death.
  2. Way To Go takes us to Memorial Worlds that are full of life and a Zen Garden world for a regrets ritual.
  3. The End helps us look at death face-to-face in its many forms. We take in the Heart Sutra and consider our options.

The Metaverse

My initial plan was to offer all four sessions at different time on two different social VR apps — AltspaceVR and Horizon Worlds. In addition, the group meditations that I already lead on both Metaverse locations would follow the general themes of the Sessions on Dying.

image by David Denton



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Tom Nickel

Learning Technologist focusing on VR, Video, and Mortality … producer of Less Than One Minute and 360 degree videos