Rebel Mode

Tom Nickel
5 min readJun 15, 2020

Camus has aged well as an artist. Rebelling in the face of absurdity is an attractive stance to many, including me.

He also didn’t beat around the bush when it comes to Meaning, it wasn’t something abstract. It was, why shouldn’t I commit suicide?

If you were Sisyphus would you commit suicide? This is also not abstract, because to Camus you are Sisyphus. We’re all just rolling the boulder up the hill knowing it comes to nothing. That it gets washed away, at any time for no good reason.

Do you know what Sisyphus did to get that punishment that Camus doesn’t see as a punishment? He outsmarted Death and stopped it for a while. Turns out not to be a great idea

It’s a story of pride, that reigned before the fall. Except, again, Camus doesn’t see it that way.

Sisyphus was an early semi-god-like King, of heroic stature, meaning more powerful than most people. He was clever, a trickster; that was at least part of his power.

Unfortunately, he was a terrible King, of Corinth, just did whatever he wanted, like Gilgamesh over in Sumeria. He felt no responsibility toward the people of his Kingdom, an ancient commercial center west of Athens.

In mythology, being a bad ruler doesn’t get you in serious trouble. You have to piss off the Gods. In modern terms, to me that means something…



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