Mortality Game Show!

Avatar Squares: Special Death Edition

Avatar Squares world, KayRock73, AltspaceVR


Hosting is an underrated skill, at least it was for me until I started doing it on a regular basis. The point is to use a central position to help other people get involved, if they want to. The spotlight needs to keep moving, from the Host to someone else, then back and off again quickly to the next person.


People designated as ‘celebrities’ can stay that way on Game Shows, where they are asked to be their mildly amusing selves. Even Charo.

Paul Lynde, regular Center Square panelist, 1968–1981

Life does not tend to present death in a manner conducive to learning.

VR can. We can design experiences in virtual spaces that allow anyone to touch any aspect of death and dying as deeply as they want, knowing it is a simulation. There are plenty of emotions, but they do not tend to be as overwhelming.

image by David Denton



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Tom Nickel

Learning Technologist focusing on VR, Video, and Mortality … producer of Less Than One Minute and 360 degree videos